Poo Poo Island - Website

Problem: Create a promotional microsite for Kleenex Mums that focuses on the issues of toilet training.

Solution: Poo Poo Island, the place parents get stranded between soggy nappies and total potty freedom.


Poo Poo Island - Online Videos

Problem: Create online videos introducing Poo Poo Island and the problems parents face toilet training their children. Additional video content was also needed to give comedic inside hints and tips from real mums.

Solution: Along with theme of the www.poopooisland.com.au videos were produced with an island style comedic theme that explore the troubles of toilet training with the help of your own island guide. In addition vox pop style videos were produced where mums and mum bloggers shared their toilet training experiences and advice.


Poo Poo Island - Banners

Problem: Create banners that lead traffic to www.poopooisland.com.au and encourage entries to Fiji competition.

Solution: Bring the island to the viewer along with mentioning both product benefit along with competition.

Click though rate for Poo Poo Island banners:
Industry Benchmark: 0.02% 
Parenting Benchmark: 0.06% 
Achieved: 0.10%