This campaign was the next step from the award winning Hep C campaign I created in 2010.  In 2012 my client came to me with another issue regarding Hep-C, stating that  there were over 10,000 new cases of Hepatitis C in Australia, and over 1000 of those are still amongst young adults between 18 and 24. The last campaign served to educated young people about how you contract the Hep-C virus. This time we needed to show the consequences, and what life is like when you are living with Hep-C. I wanted to show that while Hep-C is curable with treatment in most cases, the virus can still affect peoples lives in serious and lasting ways. With the help of NSW Health and VICE, we spoke to four brave individuals about how having the disease forced them to change how they looked at sex, dating, friendships and the future-all key topics amongst our core audience. The stories told were extremely powerful.

Watch the video on VICE and view the Hep C website