"The all new Audi TT will challenge your perception of a sports car. Going head to head against a Parkour guru, a game of cat and mouse unfolds into the ultimate standoff."

Audi was launching the third generation Audi TT to the Australian market but faced a perception problem that the car was 'a hair dressers car'.

To change that perception and dial up the dynamic, sporty performance and design innovation we created a launch story concept called Head to Head in which you see an Audi TT take on an LED clad Parkour guru.

As part of the campaign, a digital experience was created which enables viewers to explore the TT at their own discretion.

In partnership with Nine MSN, the immersive digital strategy aligned with digital habits of the audience across the entire day. Formats tailored specially to the campaign were developed to run alongside the brand messaging, which shifts across devices depending on the time of day. In order to change perception, an experience was created to drive reappraisal of the TT. 

Kevin Goult, general marketing manager, Audi Australia said, “MediaCom has delivered an exciting and dynamic campaign for the launch of the Audi TT. It’s been a pleasure working with the MediaCom Beyond Advertising team who created a unique piece of content which brings to life the new sleek design of the car, setting the TT apart from competitors in market.”