To launch Revlon’s latest range of make up we partnered with one of Australia's top 5 fashion bloggers The Oracle Fox (Amanda Shadforth) because who knows more about being PhotoReady than a fashion blogger?

We worked closely with Amanda to make a day in the life style film to give her audience an authentic insight into how she lives a PhotoReady life.

Next, the PhotoReady set was created to bring to life the partnership between Amanda and Revlon PhotoReady.

We encouraged shoppers to watch the film about Amanda and be inspired to get their own PhotoReady makeover and live a PhotoReady life. The film contains some of Amanda’s tips and insights into her life and a unique look which the shoppers can use as inspiration. Do they want a daytime look or a more glamorous nigh-time make up look? Each were easily achievable with the range of PhotoReady products available on the set.

While they received their make over, they were educated into the benefits of not only the eyeshadow range and Skin-lights but also the benefits of the BB cream for everyday use.

Once PhotoReady, our on set photographer captured their look on camera with a glamorous head shot which they can then later access via a SMS sent to them containing a link to the image on the PhotoReady Facebook application. They are then ready to share their PhotoReady image with their friends.

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