When Princess Cruises launched their new global brand positioning of "Come Back New" we knew we needed a uniquely Australasian appeal to resonate in the region. We filmed and produced unique and unscripted stories that capture what going to sea with Princess Cruises is all about.

Real life passenger stories of friendship, family life and major life events are at the centre of our campaign.

These beautiful films let you inside the lives of families and long-term, strong friendships, showing how time spent together with Princess Cruises is truly transformational.

The three videos currently available show old friends Vince and Bob renewing their friendship while discovering New Zealand, the Ryan family celebrating the 50th birthday of Jeff with Balinese locals, and Gary and Michelle creating some great new memories as part of their 28th wedding anniversary celebrations.

The series is part of an overall strategy from Princess Cruises to show the transformative effects that time spent with friends and loved-ones on the open seas can have on both individuals and families.

The three part series will be rolled out across social media and digital platforms until March 31st 2015.

Princess loved the content so much they asked for a TVC to be created honouring the stories we captured.