What is it about this video game juggernaut that is so contagious? Why do people beg their mates for just ‘one more game’?

The brief: Expand the fan base of FIFA 15 and sell the game to a more casual gamer

It was already obvious that EA’s FIFA had become a huge success in Australia. EA challenged MBA to expand the fan base of FIFA 15 and sell the game to a more casual gamer and appeal to those who may not necessarily be into football.

Our idea: Goal ‘Celebrations’ in everyday situations completely foreign to football.

In Australia, football certainly isn’t the romantic drama that it is in Europe, but there is a unifying tradition within the game central to all cultures, and that is celebration. People LOVE to celebrate. Knee slides, shirt off runs and shadow boxing moments of ecstasy after a goal is scored – these are just some of the cocky behaviours Aussie’s unashamedly do, especially at the expense of a mates loss. However, the ‘living room side-liners’ are not moved by the standard game play style commercial. It’s all about the emotional benefit of the game – that is, the continuous bragging, joking and taunting.

The idea of ‘celebration’ became reality. We took players off the couch and off the pitch in what is hilariously awkward, we shared the passion and excitement of goal celebrations in everyday situations completely foreign to football. With a special appearance from Australia’s greatest ever footballer and creator of one of the most iconic celebrations, this riot of screaming and dancing will leave you punching the air and finding any reason to celebrate.

The content has been seeded and integrated into Fox Sports programming.
A competition encouraged people to upload photos and videos of their celebrations with the winner jetted off to NYC to meet Tim Cahill (and play FIFA 15 against him!).

The result: The campaign effectively grew the category through new customers

Week 1 sales exceeded its target by 26% and a huge 17% year-on-year growth was seen over the duration of the 10 week campaign.

The ‘Celebrations’ video achieved a total of 2,603,174 views across TV (in-program), Online MRECs and YouTube.

Incredibly, over 50% of viewers watched the video on Fox Sports right to the very end – on a skip-able ad, something previously unheard of on the platform.

The use of an Aussie legend achieved the objective of growing the category through new customers with a 32% year-on-year increase in new registered users – from 25,000 to 33,000.