‘There’s something I want to tell you’ is an online documentary series and a public health campaign on behalf of HIV Foundation Queensland. There is a human side to HIV in Australia that needed a voice. HIV rates in Queensland are on the rise.  Research showed that while the gay community is aware of safe sex messages, people choose not to use condoms for a variety of reasons.  Testing is inconsistent and there is real concern with stigma not just in the gay community but also in the wider community is crippling individuals and their families.

People living with HIV face multiple challenges but with treatment it is no longer a death sentence. However, it can be a life sentence and we shared real stories to reinforce the safe sex message and address the issues of discrimination around HIV. The campaign is a series of three films that are a step towards reducing stigma surrounding HIV and increasing prevention and testing for HIV.

The films are real stories from Queenslanders living with HIV. They reveal the stigma they and their loved ones deal with every day. Despite misconceptions surrounding HIV, they live with optimism and enthusiasm for the future. 


Bronze x2 - BADC Awards - Sound Production Craft - Original Compositions/Jingles - 2014

Silver - BADC Awards - Cinematography Production Craft - 2014